Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CMU Operations Case Competition

Another fantastic opportunity available to MIT Sloan & LGO students is participating in case competitions.  Of specific interest to those of us supply chain/ops-minded folks out there is the annual International Operations Case Competition hosted by my undergrad alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University.

The Sloan Operations Club coordinates MIT's participation in the event and recently held open tryouts to select this year's team.  About 35 or so students attended, and the field was a nice mix of Sloanies and LGOs.  During tryouts, we were all randomly assigned to teams of five, and got three hours to read a case, craft a solution, and develop a slideshow selling our team's ideas.  All of the tryout teams did extremely well, and the judges, last year's (winning) MIT team, selected five students to move forward in representing Sloan at the competition this year.  Myself as well as FOUR (4!) other LGO's were lucky enough to make the cut!

We've since been holding weekly practice sessions where we've had additional opportunities to solve cases and develop presentations to hone our skills, and we're very excited to try to bring home the trophy again!  We've got big shoes to fill, too - MIT has been victorious in three of the past four years!

Wish us luck!

You can read more about the Carnegie Mellon Case Competition on their website.

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